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Solar Radiation                                          1,200 W/m2 

Wind Speed (with ballast or anchors)         20m/s (45 mph) 

Operating Humidity                                   100% condensing 

Rainfall Maximum                                      100 mm/h (4 in/h)

                                                                 Excluding link budget effects 

Altitude                                                     Up to 3,000 m (9,850 ft) 

Survival                                                      Up to 10,000 m (32,800 ft)


Azimuth Range Manual

Polarisation                                                ±90° 

 Coarse: ±360°
 Fine: ±10°



Flexibility - The unique design of the TP100Ku will not only allow for operation on traditional Ku-Band satellites but also allow access to multiple Ka-Band payloads, increasing the number of options to get your important data uploaded.

Robust - The design includes 1.0M high gain carbon fibre reflector, ‘no-tools’ assembly, folding feed arm assembly, quick deploy tri-pod, inclinometer and fine adjust on Azimuth and Elevation. The tri-pod has detachable sand feet to allow for ground anchors to be fitted ensuring maximum stability for reliable operation. The lightweight, high quality and reliable construction in conjunction with high gain 1M carbon reflector will ensure excellent performance even at the extremities of satellite footprint.

Ease of Pointing - The TP100Ku has been designed to assist in the pointing to any satellite. It has an integrated GPS, electronic compass and inclinometer that will give the user a target Azimuth/ Elevation and Polarisation position and actual read-out for the true position of the axis.

Clever Power Options - The TP100 in conjunction with the ruggedized outdoor modem (ODU) can be powered from a variety sources, either from a 240V via a PSU, direct from a 12V vehicle supply or from standard camera batteries (Vee-lock, PAG etc).

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  •  1.0M Segmented Carbon Fibre Reflector
  •  Ultra-Portable
  •  No-Tools Assembly
  •  MPAD Manual Point Aid (very easy to line up)
  •  Integrated GPS & Electronic Compass
  •  6W, 8W, 16W and 55W RF power options
  •  Optional Dual Band (Ka & Ku)
  •  Two Soft Cases (under 23kg) for Complete System
  •  240VAC / Battery / 12VDC Power Options

Elevation Range 

Receive (GHz)                                          10.7-12.75GHz

Transmit (GHz)                                         13.75-14.5GHz 

 Cross or Co-POL


 Comtech 8W

 CPI 16W

 Mission 55W

TP100ku Specifications  

The TP100Ku is the latest in the ultra-fast, quick deployable antenna systems from Holkirk Communications. It is ideal for store and forward, breaking news, occasional or permanent satellite communication. 

Polarization BUC Power Options

  Corse: 5-90°

  Fine: ±10°

Mid-band Gain Receive                             40.1 dBi

Transmit                                                   41.8 dBi 


Ambient Temperature Operational:              -20°C to +50°C